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Defensive Pistol for Combatives

This course covers the defensive shooting and effective use of a full-sized to a compact-sized pistol. You will learn foundational skills for advanced shooting.


Pistol or Knife Combatives

”Make space and go to your tools” is much easier said than done. These courses teach defensive weapons skills and how to FIGHT with or to your tools.

Ground Combatives

The world knows how powerful and dangerous grappling can be. Students will learn weapons- based grappling to keep their posture and back to their feet!

Self-defense training image of standing confrontation with pistol and protective gear

Integrated Combatives

This intensive clinic covers pistol skills, pistol/knife self-defense skills, validated with marking cartridges, and knife fighting. A course for meticulous students!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Unless specifically referenced in the description, the design of these concealed carry and combatives courses are for the new student.

Deeds of Arms defines Combatives as using functional and practical martial arts skills to use or retain your firearm while maintaining the ability to escalate or deescalate. These skills directly contribute to preventing criminal targeting and precise articulation of actions to authorities if force is needed.

No. However, the majority of these courses are physically demanding. Consult with your doctor or primary care physician to address any concerns you may have before attending.

For hosting inquiries and requests, please email with the location, date, and course you would like to host.

About the Instructor

John Valentine is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Modern Army Combatives under the “Father of Modern Combatives,” Matt Larsen. John also graduated as “Top Gun” in the Rangemaster Instructor Development Master Course and has a degree in Criminal Justice.
After serving as an assistant instructor to Matt Larsen for several years, he served as a primary and associate instructor for premiere private training companies such as Green Ops, Hill Country Combatives, and Sheepdog Response.
John began earnest Combatives training in 2007 and has attended hundreds of hours of formal training in firearms and Combatives to go along with over a decade of active military service. John has been deployed in support of OEF and OIF as well.
John Valentine


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